Monday, July 5, 2010

Poison Ivy Tatt!

i tatted this on this duder Chris the other day!!

i loved it!


check it out, the finest form of flattery!! somebody started a anti-mixtapes blog, but only to post comments on NITETROTTER!! haha. thats hillarious. if you didnt know, Mixtapes! is my record store/Tattoo shop in East Moline,iL. ironically known for bein the "nicest" tattoo shop in the Quad Cities!(and also the only shop that drug test's!) i thought you'd get a giggle, i did!

DIXTAPES!=funny comment here

im startin to feel like Justin Pearson! hahaha!

EYES promo pic

the band im in EYES, has a new line up...Jen Craft just did some pix for us! heres our new promo pic!

SEX-a art zine by Jorge Tapia out on 5nakefork records(by the end of the week)

sexy couple, my love, lost, but not forgotten pup(G.G.), and the Cover....i think the rag is 14 pages or can get it from me on the EYES tour, or 5nakefork records...

Thursday, July 1, 2010


NU SENSAE!!!(i honestly dont know anything about them but their NT! session is fresh and harsh!!)


Sunday, June 27, 2010


So, as ive posted before, Phil Ross, my brother from another mother, and i are constantly collaborating on music and simplify it for those up to date with musical happenings, im his shwag Sonny Kay to his shwag Rodriguezlopez productions(thats to simplify, clearely neither is up to par) anywho....this is the latest of his releases that i did the art for. by T. Hannum

T. HANNUM "mount of all lands" c20 - two side-long vocal pieces from Chicago's Terence Hannum [locrian, unlucky atlas]. The A-sides "ascent" is just that, ascension. harsh vocal textures are masked completely with ? Initially we thought this was a tape-only electronics piece. B- "descend" is a beautiful mix of barely audible tones and extended "ping" ambience. Hopefully more to come on 5fork from T. c20 with printed labels, sandwiched in cardstock and a transparency overlay with art by J. Tapia [eyes, nail in the coffin] and 5nakefork. Hermetically sealed poly bags w/ white stickers. Un-numbered edition of around 50. $7ppd


EYES on new SEED RECORDS COMP and our brothers in the U.K. SKITANJA!

These albums are both on Seed Records, EYES label from the U.K., about a year and a half ago, we did a month up and down the brittish island with our friends was a extraordinary trip....leading to both bands getting signed to SEED, and kicking off the tour with there then welcoming back compilation cleverly called"Seed records volume 2" and now a new 3 disc set called SEED X, our friends Leavenworth(aka 5nakefork from Wichita)appears on disc 1, EYES on disc 2, and RELS(feat:myself with a track i wrote for him) on disc 3. the amount of artist's that Bruce compiles is simply uncanny each with a ellaborate history that he explain, sounding like a 6 foot tall, drunken wikipedia! which we love!! we miss him dearly, SOOOO, you should by these before they run out. NIGHT EYES by EYES was also released on this label where we featured amazing artist such as:R.Stevie Moore,Wet Hair,William Elliot Whitmore,Jon Gamino of Mondo Drag, Luke Tweedy, Seth Knappen, Thomas Tapia of MIJA(now on drums for EYES) and recorded at the lustrious FLAT BLACK STUDIOS in IOWA CITAYYYY! and might i add we recorded the opening track at Stonhenge on the summer solstice!!!(unreal)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New prelims for upcoming NITCO releases...

SOOOO, proud of these to come, very soon(that means a few months)

1. LIVING GHOST-Wilderness Names(my boy Dan Davis solo jam session, harsh, noisey, thrashy, and drum beats!!, recorded by one of my other boys in iowa city, Luke Tweedy at Flat Black studios!)

2.The PEEPHOLES-SLYMETIME cass.(Nick and Katia of the lovely U.K. region doin a cass. for me i've been buggin for quite a while, well, its finally happenin, and this stuff is GREATTTT and well worth the wait, guy/girl make noisey,post-punky,Nowave,JAMMMMMZZZ(yep with a Z))

3.JESUS IS ANGRY-live from Slovania(this will be out by the EYES/JESUS IS ANGRY tour, which starts on July 13th...Ilias is from Greece/U.k. this is not our first tour with this mad scientist....SHIT WILL BE CRAZY! homemade noisemakers! in fact, i gave him a guitar to tweak out for the tour the other day! cant wait to see what he comes up with)

4.PORCEALIN SILHOUETTE cd on NITCO OUT NOW(i did not do this art, but i love these kids and this cd is on nitco,METAL made by KIDS FOR KIDS!! its great)

cant wait, and you shouldnt be able to either

more and more needles and skin!!

if the tatt wasn't on Jen Craft, then the pic was taken by her....the FUCK JORGE tatt is

probably one of the best ive ever done!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Tatts i did on Kylie

my girl Kylie who works with me at MENO'S INK, well, we get bored, and we tattoo each other....sweet!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cute little tatt ive been workin on

This is a fairly small part of a half sleeve ive been working on, on my buddy Andy...he kinda just lets me do what i want on him....i just really enjoyed this lil guy! grayscale is kinda my THANNNG!
come get tatted by me at MENO'S INK!

....and another flyer

  1. This show is kina special, due to it bein Thomas Tapia's first show with EYES, live on drums, and no back track!! WOOHOO! free of shit p.a.'s around the world!!

  2. i have no clue how this came about being numbered...


i did this for promotion of A.Bastard Noise and B.NITETROTTER fest for online. Had fun designing it, meshing new ideas with a CLASSIC skull....


Monday, May 31, 2010


I was proud to draw 2 of the latest Nitetrotter sessions pix, that came out this week....the art is abused by my usual mediums, Sharpies, and collaged mediums....the claps pic i chilled on, because i felt it represented them well, and Zilmrah(O) i freaked out on, cause i felt it represented him well! seein Z(O) play as of late a few times(after he put out a cass. on NITCO, and toured with Nitco artists SINJOTHRAWMASH and up and coming artist FLUID{full length out on nitco at some pointed}) The Claps played at MIXTAPES! a while back, i was in the middle of doing a tattoo when i heard the beats come thru the walls, dropped my machine, tore off my gloves and ran into the other room, where a dozen teenagers twisted there bodies to some of the DOPEST cuts ive heard lately. After theyre set, the keyboardist was much obliged to show me his synths, i had to tear myself away from the keys to go back to tattn, and what im left with is a sweet memory, Dig it!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

FREE MORAL AGENTS live with Sage Francis at the Bottom Lounge, in Chicago! May 19th

Soooo, last week my brother and i went to visit some friends that are in a dope band called FREE MORAL AGENTS, they opened up and were Sage Francis back up band...which was dope. But, to be honest FMA took the cake that night. We spent time with good peeps, met new peeps. and Ikey got me buzzed on some Patrone, to say the least. And did you know they make 7 oz. bottles of beer, yep...anyway FMA love yall! ps. i took some super shwag pix on my phone check em, if you can see through the pixels.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

5NAKEFORK records BLOG and junk!

So, my boy Phil Ross of Wichita,KS. runs this dope label called 5nakefork! i love him dearly, and we collaborate on art for his label almost every other release....heres a update of what the WASTELAND JAZZ UNIT cass. came out like, and a link to his BLOG!! lovin the blog-life!


This will be a cass. on SCOTCH TAPES also...we'll have it on tour. Dig it! well, the art...

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Their will be a very limited lathe coming out on SCOTCH TAPES out of Canada, of EYES doing a Remix of the HEALTH track WE ARE WATER....we call it (OUR BONES GROW IN THE DIRT) youll be able to get it from us on our upcoming tour with JESUS IS ANGRY, and i would assume the label....heres the cover. i pay homage to my pup G.G. that passed away recently his cute face is dead center of the back, he was a Boston Terrier, and i miss him dearly!


me,Bill, and Adam Carton went to the mayday march in downtown Chicago. We kicked these pigs asses, all up and down the block. true story!
picture taken by Adam Carton...then we ate like 2 lbs. of Carnita's(bill however did not)

Jorge Tapia Nitetrotter session....


So, a few weeks back, one of the "bands" im in EYES, did a weekend in Chicago....the first night after our show, we came back to the house/Nitetrotter studio of the Chicago sector, AKA. SCHWAG CITY!!! where a bunch of Weird's live...Now let me explain that in my late 20's, my partying has slowed down to the minimum of some MGD and a energy drink(maybe a cigarrette or 2, if im feeling feisty) so, around 4 am. i looked at NT's wonderful sound engineer Nathan Gregory and said"you wanna do some recording"?, his little,ginger face lit up(like the bratty kid from PROBLEM CHILD) and said "lets go!", this was a weekend of him recording approx. 6 bands in 2 days, so i was stoked that he said yes. the only problem was A. i didnt know what songs i was gonna record and B.our good friend Adam Carton was passed out in the studio snoring... Once i figured out what i was gonna record, we realized we could hear Adam snoring in the background...sweet. It was Cinco De Mayo, i poured my little heart out with Nathan giggling in front of me, and this link HERE is what came out. NOW, i must add that, drawing myself, would be, our good friend ROSE NOBLE who was just hired on as a new illustrator for NITETROTTER took on drawing a picture of me(swallowing a Klonopin after a gulp of water) which works for one the songs i recorded...goofy. SOOO, she did a great job and so did Nathan, i must also give credit where due to Mr.Bret Noble(Rose's Hubby) who single handedly got me into the mess we call a PUNK SCENE in the q.c., about 17 years ago. i love them all!(plus Rose brought their children to a White Mice show at Mixtapes! NOW THATS PUNK!) okay, done with the runon sentences. check out Lady Noble's art!!

A grip of TROTTIN' pix

all illustrations for the infamous NITETROTTER blog, for bands, by bands...that aren't quite hip...Check it out, listen to the jams...THEY ARE FRESSSSSHHHH!