Monday, May 31, 2010


I was proud to draw 2 of the latest Nitetrotter sessions pix, that came out this week....the art is abused by my usual mediums, Sharpies, and collaged mediums....the claps pic i chilled on, because i felt it represented them well, and Zilmrah(O) i freaked out on, cause i felt it represented him well! seein Z(O) play as of late a few times(after he put out a cass. on NITCO, and toured with Nitco artists SINJOTHRAWMASH and up and coming artist FLUID{full length out on nitco at some pointed}) The Claps played at MIXTAPES! a while back, i was in the middle of doing a tattoo when i heard the beats come thru the walls, dropped my machine, tore off my gloves and ran into the other room, where a dozen teenagers twisted there bodies to some of the DOPEST cuts ive heard lately. After theyre set, the keyboardist was much obliged to show me his synths, i had to tear myself away from the keys to go back to tattn, and what im left with is a sweet memory, Dig it!

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