Wednesday, March 31, 2010

more Nude Sunrise Prelims....

and here is some more perverted ideals of what i find "art" or some of the collaging ive been doing lately. These super-nappy motorcycle/tatt mags showed up in a box of tattoo supplies, making for a good time, laughs and ink. dig it...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Carver, also from Q.C.,Illinois play pop-punk in that q.c. style that can only come from the mighty mississip! but dont corner them by their sound these kids are very involved in ALL kinds of jams...and curious about techno/punk, post/punk etc...i drew them in a vain of which i know them, meek, kids...its that simple. with an underlying spot of oddity exuding from them in way only one would be able to tell if they heard them...check out NITETROTTER.COM for their session.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

GROWING"dry drunk on woman" NITCO#2 3 ltd. versions uncovered in random box in nitco office!

Yep, its true folks, 3 diff. versions of Nail in the Coffins 2nd release, GROWING "dry drunk on woman" debated originally as the biggest waste of money, then GREW into one of our best sellers!(2 years afters its release, and a lawsuit threaten....but thats a whole other story) yep folks, i have 2 from the Original Press with 2 different embossed covers that were made out of Guitarist/Singer Joe Denardo's very own Picture Portfolio...and the other is from the 2nd pressing which came out as a Duel label release between NITCo/Megablade(Troubleman unlimited) which was one of the biggest mistakes of my life, but positive for the band! soooo, yeah, i refuse to put my releases on ebay...if you want them email me at and we'll go from there.

JOE ROSS gets his first real TATT!!

So, the Infamous Joe Ross, good buddy, crusty punk, drummer extraordinaire of(The Tanks,Sioux City Pete and the Beggars, Rue Morgue, Eclipse of Eden, Weather is Happening, the list goes on and on) came to me to get his FIRST proffesional tatt, ironically the design he picked fit in VERY well with his "What Would Larry David Do" tatt as presented above the skull and crossbones. Thanks Joe for picking me! i love ya lil' guy!!

NUDE SUNRISE preliminary art for ltd.Nitco cd only available at Upcoming Show!! WOOT WOOT!!

Nude Sunrise is a 3 rascals from the Quad Cities illinois, who all bunk in Chicago together now...They are playing the First day of Nitetrotter fest in E.Moline,illinois w/Wolf Eyes/Bastard Noise/Wet Hair/Eyes/Lord Green and more....their music is shoe gazer noise jams, that are powerful anthems. this cdr will be recorded live at Mixtapes! BOOYAH! preview other jams at...this pic is just the beginning ideas, i have fonts and rando bits to add in.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is what Kitten Forever and MC/VL do to me...

they wear me me out...harsh my mell...but thats why love em, cause they kick me in the groin when im in my most vulnerable stages...thanks for the pic Liz. LOVE YALL! and check em! they kill, 2 of my favorite gems from Minne! NITETROTTER sessions up sooooon!


Pictures of a city hail from the Quad Cities, the vein of Off Minor, and Saetia, kind of a 90's throw back to the screamo-era, hindering on the mathy side....on the tracks they did with NITETROTTER, they did some acoustic jams, i believe to show their diversity, and Garrin Jost's(Bassist/singer) amazing take on some pretty disturbing lyrics he wrote about Mr.Rogers! thats what made me decide on the pic i drew, which is simply Garrin,in a ninja outfit! i also couldnt find a decent band pic....anywho, check out there track up now on NITETROTTER.COM

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BLESSURE GRAVE-Making the death beds for teenage vampires 7" OUT NOW on NITCO...#137

So where to begin when describing one of your favorite records, that just happens to be on your own label...The Cure, Joy Division, Death in June, everything good about poppy,depressing music....this post-Nightwounds band constantly amazes me with Tobias Francis' way to express himself within 3 minutes of every track, every new song i hear, i instanly want...right now would be a good time to order your copy, because they are about sold out! this is a 3 way label split between RTB from Europe, Grotesque Modern from Canada, and i NITCO!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Zilmrah Hails from Brooklyn New york, falling between the cracks of hipsters and noise experimentalists, which makes for a perfect release on Nitco...experimental, visual, noise, creationist, you name it and Mr.Zilmrah is making it happen. His spiritual journey exudes through these sounds you hear on this cass. In the art ive tried to expound upon the sounds within the cass. using no colors at all, trying to allow the colors of the rainbow shine through in a grayscale. Catch them on tour in the near future with Nitco's label mate and employee SINJO THRAW MASH!

SLEEPER WAKES SOCIETY nitco#166 their Debut album makes a SPLASHHHH!

SLEEPER WAKES SOCIETY-is a 90's flashback for those that remember the days when vulcan haircuts, all black clothes, and white belts were pissin off punk rockers making political statements, or waving a X'd up fist....this throwback to that era seems to mix both ideals, visually, musically, and even the art that was solicited for the album broke another boundary that bands in this, not-so-classify-able vein took on. East moline,iLlinois where we reside is pumping out the jams that only a town full of sinners could fully embrace. this may be your cup of tea, check out there my space for a free sample of the jams at

HOT WHITE cassette art for upcoming NITCO tape!

This was Originally released on a tour by themselves, once mr.Ballistic Missile plugged them(from their recent tour with Attractive and Popular) i was instantly in love...raw, aggressive, and Diiiirrrrrttttty, following in some of the same tracks that bands such as Pre,AIDSwolf, and Tinsel Teeth have recently left in this midwest snow!! anyways hope you dig this art, more to come from other upcoming rando pieces...

THINGS TO COME....and such

This is my first attempt at compiling ALL that i do instead of having to spend time seperating it all for all to view, im gonna try and keep up with this the best i can, since i can "borrow" wifi as of late from my neighbors, and have a overflow of projects in a perpetual motion that not many catch wind of, no matter how gross of a scent.....maybe this will catch your eye in the future.