Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SLEEPER WAKES SOCIETY nitco#166 their Debut album makes a SPLASHHHH!

SLEEPER WAKES SOCIETY-is a 90's flashback for those that remember the days when vulcan haircuts, all black clothes, and white belts were pissin off punk rockers making political statements, or waving a X'd up fist....this throwback to that era seems to mix both ideals, visually, musically, and even the art that was solicited for the album broke another boundary that bands in this, not-so-classify-able vein took on. East moline,iLlinois where we reside is pumping out the jams that only a town full of sinners could fully embrace. this may be your cup of tea, check out there my space for a free sample of the jams at myspace.com/swscult

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