Sunday, March 28, 2010

GROWING"dry drunk on woman" NITCO#2 3 ltd. versions uncovered in random box in nitco office!

Yep, its true folks, 3 diff. versions of Nail in the Coffins 2nd release, GROWING "dry drunk on woman" debated originally as the biggest waste of money, then GREW into one of our best sellers!(2 years afters its release, and a lawsuit threaten....but thats a whole other story) yep folks, i have 2 from the Original Press with 2 different embossed covers that were made out of Guitarist/Singer Joe Denardo's very own Picture Portfolio...and the other is from the 2nd pressing which came out as a Duel label release between NITCo/Megablade(Troubleman unlimited) which was one of the biggest mistakes of my life, but positive for the band! soooo, yeah, i refuse to put my releases on ebay...if you want them email me at and we'll go from there.

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