Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jorge Tapia Nitetrotter session....


So, a few weeks back, one of the "bands" im in EYES, did a weekend in Chicago....the first night after our show, we came back to the house/Nitetrotter studio of the Chicago sector, AKA. SCHWAG CITY!!! where a bunch of Weird's live...Now let me explain that in my late 20's, my partying has slowed down to the minimum of some MGD and a energy drink(maybe a cigarrette or 2, if im feeling feisty) so, around 4 am. i looked at NT's wonderful sound engineer Nathan Gregory and said"you wanna do some recording"?, his little,ginger face lit up(like the bratty kid from PROBLEM CHILD) and said "lets go!", this was a weekend of him recording approx. 6 bands in 2 days, so i was stoked that he said yes. the only problem was A. i didnt know what songs i was gonna record and B.our good friend Adam Carton was passed out in the studio snoring... Once i figured out what i was gonna record, we realized we could hear Adam snoring in the background...sweet. It was Cinco De Mayo, i poured my little heart out with Nathan giggling in front of me, and this link HERE is what came out. NOW, i must add that, drawing myself, would be, our good friend ROSE NOBLE who was just hired on as a new illustrator for NITETROTTER took on drawing a picture of me(swallowing a Klonopin after a gulp of water) which works for one the songs i recorded...goofy. SOOO, she did a great job and so did Nathan, i must also give credit where due to Mr.Bret Noble(Rose's Hubby) who single handedly got me into the mess we call a PUNK SCENE in the q.c., about 17 years ago. i love them all!(plus Rose brought their children to a White Mice show at Mixtapes! NOW THATS PUNK!) okay, done with the runon sentences. check out Lady Noble's art!!

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  1. ps. Brett and Rose's band GRYPHYNS will be performing at NITETROTTER fest, for the first time...mmmmm, in quite a while, so check em out!!! also includes on bass Brian Peterson(the dude who wrote that book on Hardcore thats on Revelation about a year back) oh, and i played with him in xOnly Ten Between usX for a short bit too....