Sunday, June 27, 2010

EYES on new SEED RECORDS COMP and our brothers in the U.K. SKITANJA!

These albums are both on Seed Records, EYES label from the U.K., about a year and a half ago, we did a month up and down the brittish island with our friends was a extraordinary trip....leading to both bands getting signed to SEED, and kicking off the tour with there then welcoming back compilation cleverly called"Seed records volume 2" and now a new 3 disc set called SEED X, our friends Leavenworth(aka 5nakefork from Wichita)appears on disc 1, EYES on disc 2, and RELS(feat:myself with a track i wrote for him) on disc 3. the amount of artist's that Bruce compiles is simply uncanny each with a ellaborate history that he explain, sounding like a 6 foot tall, drunken wikipedia! which we love!! we miss him dearly, SOOOO, you should by these before they run out. NIGHT EYES by EYES was also released on this label where we featured amazing artist such as:R.Stevie Moore,Wet Hair,William Elliot Whitmore,Jon Gamino of Mondo Drag, Luke Tweedy, Seth Knappen, Thomas Tapia of MIJA(now on drums for EYES) and recorded at the lustrious FLAT BLACK STUDIOS in IOWA CITAYYYY! and might i add we recorded the opening track at Stonhenge on the summer solstice!!!(unreal)

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