Sunday, June 20, 2010

New prelims for upcoming NITCO releases...

SOOOO, proud of these to come, very soon(that means a few months)

1. LIVING GHOST-Wilderness Names(my boy Dan Davis solo jam session, harsh, noisey, thrashy, and drum beats!!, recorded by one of my other boys in iowa city, Luke Tweedy at Flat Black studios!)

2.The PEEPHOLES-SLYMETIME cass.(Nick and Katia of the lovely U.K. region doin a cass. for me i've been buggin for quite a while, well, its finally happenin, and this stuff is GREATTTT and well worth the wait, guy/girl make noisey,post-punky,Nowave,JAMMMMMZZZ(yep with a Z))

3.JESUS IS ANGRY-live from Slovania(this will be out by the EYES/JESUS IS ANGRY tour, which starts on July 13th...Ilias is from Greece/U.k. this is not our first tour with this mad scientist....SHIT WILL BE CRAZY! homemade noisemakers! in fact, i gave him a guitar to tweak out for the tour the other day! cant wait to see what he comes up with)

4.PORCEALIN SILHOUETTE cd on NITCO OUT NOW(i did not do this art, but i love these kids and this cd is on nitco,METAL made by KIDS FOR KIDS!! its great)

cant wait, and you shouldnt be able to either

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